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All current Border Maker Cartridges, Punches and Custom Cutting System Patterns are available for use by all attendees during events as long as the following guidelines are followed:

Lighten Your Load!

  • You are welcome to use the current Border Maker Cartridges at the Tool Table but please bring your Border Maker System Base and Positioning Guide.

  • You are welcome to use the current Custom Cutting System Patterns at the Tool Table but please bring your CCS Blades.

Try Before You Buy

It is our pleasure to have a variety of Creative Memories tools available for you to try before you buy.  Ask your Event Host to demo the Border Maker Cartridges, Punches and/or Custom Cutting System Patterns that are at the Tool Table.  These are all available for sale at the Studio and/or the Creative Memories website.  Please see your Event Host if you'd like an overview of a Recipe Template, Trimmer or any other current CM item that isn't at the Tool Table.


Tool Usage Policy

Creative Memories makes great tools, but when used excessively or incorrectly damage can occur.

  • If you are unsure about how a tool works, ask your event host to give you a demo before using (it would be our pleasure!)

  • Please limit yourself to a few borders, punches, cuts, etc. for any single tool.

  • Please do not punch items to take home for future use.

  • Please use only CM papers with the tools

Tools are provided for you, and all other event attendees as a courtesy. 

  • Please do not remove tools from the Tool Table.

  • Please place tools back where you found them and leave the area clean for the next cropper.

  • If you will need to use a tool more than a couple times, please bring yours to work with.

While at Suflower Studio

  • Unless you are an Event Host, please do not promote products or businesses while at the Studio. The Event Hosts respect your right to purchase and use any products you choose, but it is the sale of products and services offered by the Event Hosts that make it possible for events to be held at Sunflower Studio. 

  • Keep beverages covered and off the table, please. Cup holders are at every seat, please bring a covered cup if you'll need one while at the Studio.

  • Please use earphones or earbuds if you’ll be listening to music, movies, etc.

  • Photos taken during events may be used on websites, blogs, Facebook groups and pages, social media accounts and promotional materials.  Please let your Event Host know if you'd like to opt out of this.

  • Tools, paper products, food products, consumable supplies, etc. are provided for your use while at the Studio as a courtesy by the owner, Lisa Graham.  Please use these at your own risk and do not remove from Sunflower Studio.

  • If you or someone in your group breaks or damages something, please let the event organizer know about this so it can be replaced or repaired.

  • Sunflower Studio is a pet free and smoke free building.

  • No one under 18 is allowed to attend events unless otherwise noted in the event details.

When you register for  events at the Studio, you're agreeing to respect and follow the rules listed here. 
Thanks for helping to keep Sunflower Studio a comfortable, welcoming environment for all.

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