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Crop Room

Crop Space

Available for each event attendee:

  • A 6' table and comfortable chair

  • Cup holder.  Please bring your own lidded cup(s)

  • 12 x 22" cutting mat

  • Trash bin

  • Ott light as well as overhead lighting.

  • Power Tower access with USB ports

  • WiFi connectivity



Try Before You Buy

It is our pleasure to have a variety of Creative Memories tools available at the Studio for you to try before you buy.  Ask your Event Host to demo the Border Maker System, Border Punches, Shape Punches, and/or Custom Cutting System


Lighten Your Load! 

It's no secret that CM has some of the best tools available for scrapbooking & crafts.  If you own the Border Maker System (BMS), you're welcome to bring your BMS housing and positioner and leave any current BMC's at home.  

If you own the CM Custom Cutting System (CCS), bring your Mat & Blades and leave your current CCS Patterns at home. 

Please see your Event Host if you'd like an overview of a current CM tool that isn't available on the Tool Table. 

Tools currently available for all event attendees to use:

Custom Cutting System (CCS) Patterns

Shape Punches

Border Punches

Border Maker System Cartridges

Please see the Studio's Event Policies Page for complete information.

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