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Rent the Studio

Sunflower Studio is designed to work with your business. Let us know what type of experience you want and we'll do our best to make it happen!

Items listed on the Crop Room Page are yours to use during your time at the Studio or they can be stored away as not to compete or distract.

To rent Sunflower Studio please visit call (734)818-5472 or email Lisa at

Crop Space

Enjoy ample overhead lighting, a comfortable work environment and the following amenities at each table:

  • Ott Light

  • Outlets available at each space

  • Cup and scrap holder

  • 12" x 18" self healing mat

  • Comfortable seating - one chair at each table.

  • Crafting Tools available

16 6-foot tables fit comfortably in the Studio and the space is designed to seat one person per table. 

Additional chairs and tables are available upon request.


Product Display

  • Lots of Counter Space

  • Slatboard with hooks and other display options

  • Catalog/Literature area

  • Bins, Baskets, etc.

Food Prep/Dining Options

Dine in or out or have it delivered!

  • Eat in - Fully stocked kitchen, including basic condiments. List of kitchen amenities

  • Eat out - Feel like dining out? Sunflower Studio is only minutes away from great restaurants in Livonia and neighboring cities.

  • Have it Delivered. Save with your first orders by clicking on our referral links: $5 off Uber Eats  $7 off Door Dash and $10 off Grub Hub.

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